The FB-23 Medium Bomber

This proposal for a FB-23 medium bomber calls for an F-111 sized aircraft with comparable range, high speed, and stealth characteristics. The aircraft should be modelled closely on a greatly upsized version of the YF-23 with an electronic warfare variant, the E/FB-23, operating in the same role as the EF-111 Raven.

It is important to note that this design must incorporate a separation between the engines all the way to the end of the fuselage to allow for a large weapons bay, fuel, rear facing sensors and decoys. Admittedly some tapering or very slight slimming of the fuselage towards the engines, unlike in the graphic above, will improve aerodynamics.

If possible the aircraft should also incorporate design features from the SU-34, which would require side-by-side seating to provide standing space and floor space for the crew.